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McCracken Chiropractic is an authorized retailer of Chiropractor's Blend, an all-natural line of nutritional supplements. These products are award-winning GMP certified and made with certified organic ingredients to help achieve full-body wellness.

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Dr. McCracken is an authorized retailer of IntelliSkin, a line of clinically proven posture correction apparel. Products include tops and bottoms for men and women, along with women's bras, all of which are designed for improved posture and alignment.

Aline Image.png

Aline's insoles are one of the most popular items sold in the office!

Aline has designed their insoles to correct posture and gait while strengthening the muscles of the foot that are weakened by poor shoes.

HyperVolt Image.png

A patient and staff favorite!

The Hypervolt & Hypersphere Mini (now Hypersphere Go). These tools offer deep penetrating relief to stiff muscles for faster recovery and better movement, even while on the go.

Chiroflow water-based pillows automatically respond to head movement as you sleep providing proper cervical support all night. A clinical study through the Johns Hopkins University Hospital ranked Chiroflow best of all pillows.

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