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Products we offer


McCracken Chiropractic and Wellness Center is an authorized provider of Chiropractor's Blend Essential Nutrition products, which are award-winning GMP certified and made with certified organic ingredients and processing to help you achieve full-body wellness.

We are also an authorized provider of Intelliskin, a revolutionary line of apparel that has clinically been proven to improve both your posture and alignment. Additionally, we provide a line of ALINE orthotics to assist in correcting your posture and gait, helping to alleviate foot pain.

We also sell the Hyperice Hypervolt Percussion Massage Device, which is a high-powered massage tool that provides outstanding relief to all of your aching muscles and helps to increase range of motion.  It comes with a variety of attachments to the most effective massage therapeutic benefits.  We also carry the Hyperice Hypersphere Mini, a cordless, portable, 3-speed massage therapy ball, fantastic for delivering therapeutic benefits to areas such as the calves or shoulders.  

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