Our Philosophy and Approach

McCracken Chiropractic and Wellness Center adjustments

McCracken Chiropractic & Wellness Center is one of the most complete chiropractic facilities in the Seattle area. Our goal is to provide comprehensive personal care through a safe and healthy natural approach to medicine. Rather than treat the symptoms of pain, Dr. McCracken focuses on correcting the cause (typically, subluxations in your spine) and help your nervous system to perform at its best.

Your initial consultation with Dr. McCracken will likely be similar to those with any doctor. We will review your medical history and discuss your reasons for seeking chiropractic care.

Dr. McCracken will answer any questions and concerns regarding adjustments and discuss a care plan based on your particular situation. Dr. McCracken will also go over the limitations and benefits of chiropractic care, and in most cases you will receive your first adjustment after the initial consultation.

Our Wellness Center also offers physical therapy, massage therapy and clinical psychology. We also offer a Recovery Pump as another tool in our office to help with muscle soreness and recovery.

We are an authorized provider of Chiropractor's Blend Essential Nutrition products, which are award-winning GMP certified and made with certified organic ingredients and processing to help you achieve full-body wellness.

We are also an authorized provider of Intelliskin, a revolutionary line of apparel that has clinically been proven to improve both your posture and alignment. Additionally, we provide a line of ALINE orthotics to assist in correcting your posture and gait, helping to alleviate foot pain.

Dr. Dana McCracken, McCracken Chiropractic and Wellness Center