Meet Dr. Dana McCracken, DACBSP

Dr. Dana McCracken, McCracken Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Dr. Dana, like most chiropractors, was introduced to chiropractic first-hand. When he was a 14 year old football player he was speared in the back during an afternoon practice. The pain was immediate but tolerable. However, like many injuries, the real issues manifested when Dr. Dana started losing the ability to perform routine activities. Walking, running, sleeping, and even sneezing became a chore for an otherwise active 14 year old. The pain of running across the football field was too debilitating to continue playing and it soon became clear that this wasn't something that would just go away.

After ineffectual various forms of treatments ranging from physical therapy to pain medicine, one of his teammate's father recommended chiropractic care. After only a few treatments, Dr. Dana was up and running at the same level as before.

Dr. Dana initially left the Northwest to study biology and play baseball at the University of Hawaii and graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. In addition to the chiropractic degree he obtained, he became a certified Neuromuscular Release Masseuse and lead a two year term as President of the Sports Medicine Club. He is an extremely passionate advocate of CrossFit.

Top 5 Chiropractor in Western Washington

In 2011, McCracken Chiropractic and Wellness Center was ranked in the top 5 chiropractors of Western Washington by our patients, partners, and peers. We thank everyone for their support and will continue to provide some of the best chiropractic and wellness services in Washington State.

* Team chiropractor for WNBA's Seattle Storm      2008-present
* Chiropractor for Seattle Pacific University      2016-2017
* Chiropractor for Bellevue College      2007-2008
* Chiropractor for 2010 NPC Washington Ironman, Bikini Champion
* Chiropractor for professional MMA fighters, yoga instructors and pilates instructors
* Earned DACBSP (Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians) post-graduate certification